• Conway Memorials Headstones

    Beautiful Headstones From Conway Memorials

    We strive to provide a compassionate and sympathetic service to customers in choosing headstones, and fitting memorials for loved ones at a very difficult funeral time.

    Memorial Headstones

  • Custom Headstones and Memorials

    Custom Headstones

    If you can't find a memorial headstone that suits your needs, we can help you create a customised headstone for your loved one.

    Custom Headstones & Memorials

  • Memorial Cleaning and Restoration Service

    Cleaning & Restoration

    We offer a complete, professional memorial cleaning and restoration service to our customers in County Clare. If you want to bring a memorial back to great condition, we can help.

    Cleaning & Restoration

  • Custom Stone Features and Monuments

    Stone Signs & Monuments

    If you need a commemorative plaque, sign or monument to mark a special event or memory Conway Memorials can help you. We can provide special stonework to your specifications.

    Stone Monuments

Headstones and Memorials

Headstones & Memorials in County Clare

We provide a full range of beautiful headstones and memorials to our customers in County Clare.

With many years of experience in the headstone and memorial business, Raymond Conway provides an exceptional service from start to finish. He works closely with customers to create the perfect headstone for loved ones.

Memorial Headstones

Custom Stone Signs and Door Numbers

Stone Monuments, Plaques, Signs & Door Numbers

Professionally made commemorative stone work

Conway Memorials offer individual house signs, commemorative stone pieces, location and directional stone signs and monuments in a wide variety of materials and finishes.

Stone Monuments Plaques Signs & Door Numbers

Comprehensive Memorial Restoration Service

Cleaning & Restoration Service

Bring a damaged or weather worn monument back to great condition.

Time and weather can take a toll on a loved headstone, plaque, or other stone work. Our cleaning and restoration service brings these worn memorials back to great condition.

Cleaning & Restoration

A Complete Memorial and Grave Service

Conway Memorials provide the following headstone and memorial services in County Clare:

  • Headstone erection
  • Headstone cleaning
  • Replacing inscriptions
  • Affordable memorial restoration
  • Repairing damaged pieces of graves or replacing where originals are beyond repair
  • Supplying & fitting grave accessories
  • Sandblasting
  • Restoration due to subsidence
  • Concreting grave surface area
  • Restoration of existing monuments
  • Design and development of new commemorative monuments
  • Stone door numbers or house name signage
  • Directional signs for roads and villages
  • Historical landmark signs
  • Restoration and cleaning of existing stone features in businesses or homes

How Do I Choose a Headstone or Memorial?

  1. Look at some work done by Raymond and pick the graves which appeal to you most.
  2. Review the sample headstones provided in the Galleries and narrow down your preference.
  3. Call Raymond for a consultation on the designs you would like, discuss inscriptions and get a competitive quote.

Contact Raymond

Some examples of our work

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