Beautiful, professionally made headstones & memorials in Ennis

Expertly designed and made custom monuments and memorials in a variety of stone types and finishes by Raymond Conway of Conway Memorials.

If you want to create a special, custom-made memorial to mark a special occasion, anniversary or the life of a loved one but you aren't certain how to proceed give Raymond at Conway Memorials a call. Raymond has extensive experience with design and development of bespoke stonework in Ennis.

We offer competitive rates, professional service, expert advice and we look forward to working with you to create the monument or memorial you want.

Some examples of our headstones & memorials

More examples in the Gallery

How do I choose a headstone or memorial in Ennis?

  1. Look at some work done by Raymond and pick the graves which appeal to you most.
  2. Review the sample headstones provided in the Galleries and narrow down your preference.
  3. Call Raymond for a consultation on the designs you would like, discuss inscriptions and get a competitive quote.

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Our full headstone, grave & memorial service

As well as supplying headstones, plaques, monuments and memorials in Ennis we also offer memorial cleaning, repair and renovation services including:

  • Headstone deep cleaning
  • Replacing inscriptions
  • Affordable memorial restoration
  • Restoration due to subsidence
  • Restoration and cleaning of existing stone features in businesses or homes
  • Restoration of existing monuments
  • Stone monument & memorial sandblasting
  • Repairing damaged pieces of graves or replacing where originals are beyond repair
Custom memorial production in Ennis

Bespoke, personalised headstones in Ennis

If you want a bespoke headstone, memorial or monument created Conway Memorials can help. We can help with design, material choice, inscription and delivery.

As well as custom memorials we also offer graveside kerbing, stone signage, grave and monument cleaning and restoration, and plaques to our customers in County Clare.